centre international de poésie Marseille


The cipM acts as host for three to four authors in residence, French and foreign,
for two or three months per author on a yearly basis.
The residencies are of a creative nature.
The foreign residents are given lodgings in Marseille, while their French counterparts are placed in another Mediterranean town,
Tangiers in Morocco; Sidon or Beirut in Lebanon.
For the duration of the residency, the authors are given a studio with materials and a monthly sum of 1300 euros.
A public meeting is organised for the author during the residency. At the end of the residency, the author submits produced texts for publication by the cipM,
works created by foreign authors are published in Le Refuge,
while works by French authors are published in Le Refuge en Méditerrannée.
Both collections are printed in 15 x 21 and are comprised of 40 pages per issue.
Applications for residency at the cipM are to be addressed to the manager.
Applicants are required to provide biographical and bibliographical info,
examples of written works (whether published or not)
and the reasons behind their request for residency, for example, why three months?
Why Marseille, Tangiers or Beirut? The Applications submitted before the end of June are processed in September,
and are valid for the residency programmes of the following year.